Surgical Care and Anaesthesia


Paton and Martin has been instrumental in assembling a surgical and anaesthesia team to guarantee the safety and well-being of your horse and to offer the best service possible. Surgery goes beyond the actual surgical procedure and the coordination of the diagnostic process, pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care is paramount for success.

During a routine surgical procedure, a team of 3 to 4 people is routinely assembled, although in emergency situations there may be additional requirements. Before, during and after surgery, your horse’s well-being is the absolute number one priority of our surgical team, from a safe anesthetic induction to a safe recovery and rehabilitation. We are equipped to perform orthopedic surgery (arthroscopy for OCD, fracture repair) as well as soft tissue surgical procedures (colic surgery, tenoscopy Рwhere a camera is placed into the tendon sheaths, tie-back or tie-forward for respiratory noises, unilateral cryptorchids or wound reconstruction). We also offer laparoscopic procedures for ovariectomies, bilateral cryptorchids and abdominal exploratory procedures.



Our anesthesia set-up ranks amongst the best on the continent.

We have assembled the safest equipment in the industry. Our electronically controlled ventilator helps the horse breathe and comprehensive monitoring equipment ensures the safety of our patients while they are anaesthetized.

We carefully control the delivery of intravenous agents through electronic pumps. Central oxygen lines throughout the hospital ensure the safe delivery of oxygen during anesthesia and recovery and in special intensive cases, such as the delivery of foals. After anesthesia, we provide guided rope assistance for each horse to ease them into a standing position. Anesthesia is performed and monitored by licensed veterinarians.