We have a specially designed hospital to provide services on an outpatient and hospitalized basis depending on what your horse needs. A circular driveway with separate entry and exit points has been designed for your convenience and for those with large trailers. This facility gives you the flexibility of dropping-off your horse off in the morning, carrying on with your day and then returning when the work is done. You are welcome to trailer your horse in for routine work such as dentistry and vaccines as well as for lameness exams, PPE, traumatic injuries, and for artificial insemination.

On 7.2 acres, our facilities are designed to provide your horse with exceptional health care. Our 5500 sq ft. climate controlled hospital includes a 900 sq ft. operating theatre equipped for a wide range of surgical procedures on a scheduled or emergency basis and a separate building for MRI.

In addition, we a have padded recovery stall designed to ensure the safety of horses recovering from general anesthesia. We have two separate barns with a total of nine 12ft x 12ft stalls and 9 outside paddocks. Every stall is equipped with soft ground, remote camera, and intravenous fluid hook up. In addition, we have one large stall where a recumbent horse can be housed and maintained on a specially designed sling.

An outside riding ring with excellent footing and a spacious, level, hard surface provides a safe environment for lameness exams. These areas are also perfect for conducting Pre-Purchase Exams that are fair to the buyer, the seller and most importantly, fair to the horse.

Our location also has three additional buildings; one building houses our office, laboratory, in-house pharmacy and central supply; the other two dwellings are used as on-site housing for some of our staff members. This allows us to provide your horse with comprehensive medical care in a safe environment.